Ellie Hasan Award

In 1967, the COA lost one of its most dedicated and passionate members with the passing of Ellie Hasan. Ellie was one of the founding members of the COA and was influential in shaping the organization we all enjoy today. Ellie had a very distinguished officiating career; twenty years as a Field Judge in the Big Ten Conference and as a basketball official in the Missouri Valley Conference, after many years of working at the high school level. Ellie traveled the world with the Harlem Globetrotters and had three audiences with the Pope.

Ellie was a very generous man who affected the officiating careers of many COA members. Ellie took great pride in helping new officials and gave much back to the association that helped him throughout his career. Ellie is credited with advancing the officiating careers of many of the COA’s most accomplished officials. In recognition of his commitment to officiating and his dedication to our members, the COA, in 1968, created the Ellie Hasan Award. This award is given annually to an individual who has displayed the same traits as Ellie in assisting, developing, supporting, and mentoring sports officials and dedicating their time and efforts to improving the COA and high school sports officiating.

Award Winners

Bronson, Ed 1968

Weissman, Sonny 1969

Delaney, Mike 1970

O’Brien, Berine 1971

Lieberson, Ernie 1972

King, Joe 1973

Zayner, Ted 1974

Burnell, Max 1975

Manasin,  Al 1976

Tadelman, Joe 1977

Mafia, Tony 1978

Solario, Spin 1979

Lynne, Pete 1980

Naughton, Clem 1981

Shay, Bill 1982

Gleason, Bill 1983

Harden, William Dr. 1985

Strocchia, Frank 1986

Niemiera, John 1987

Markbreit, Jerry 1988

Lapore, Cal 1989

Fallon, Bob 1990

Noble, Tom 1991

O’Brien, Dan 1992

Mitchell, Tom 1993

Winiecki, Tom 1994

Burke, Anne Hon. 1995

Levinthal, Burt 1996

Quinn, Tom 1997

Bonner, L.T. 1998

Robinson, Don 1999

Wernet, Todd 2000

Piagentini, Ray 2001

Sheahan, Mike 2002

Kurland, Max 2003

Keogh, Jim 2004

Pingatore, Gene 2005

Quinn, Pat  Lt Gov 2006

Doran, Ray 2007

Curtin, Michael 2008

Righeimer, Jim 2009

Weiler, Richard 2010

Parry, Dave 2011

Honacki, Stan 2012

Foster, Bob 2013

Tumpane, Jack 2014

Hakes, Don 2015

Feigh, Tim 2016

McHugh, Jim 2017

Lenti, Frank 2018

Grohovena, Gary 2019  

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