Football Meeting 08/10/2021

Football Meeting 08/10/21

8/10/21 General Meeting Committee Lead: Stapleton

Federation New Rules Dave Wetzel

Quiz Tom Stapleton

Goal Setting & Preparation Tom Stapleton


1.Team A is in a formation with A1 seven yards behind the snapper. A2, aligned in a traditional position for a guard, blocks lineman B3 below the waist. The contact occurs after A2 has hesitated momentarily and the ball is still in the tackle box.
2.After the ball is dead, runner A1 rises and roughly pushes B2 to the ground. Earlier in the game, A1 was penalized for cursing at an official.
3.A 1/10 B-20. Eligible receiver A1 runs to a position one yard beyond the end line and stops. A2 throws a legal forward pass toward A1. A1, from out of bounds, leaps, bats the ball to teammate A3, and lands on the ground beyond the end line. A3 catches the batted ball while standing in the end zone.
4.B2 intercepts A1’s pass in team B’s end zone. He attempts to advance but is tackled without leaving the end zone. During B2’s run, B3 blocks below the waist at the B-4 yardline.
5.4/12 K-10. K1’s punt lands on the K-45 and bounces high into the air. After the ball strikes the ground R2 gives a fair catch signal and recovers the ball while on his knee at the K-40.

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