COA Football Meeting #5 Tuesday 8/31/21 7pm at Brother Rice and on Zoom

Fourth Fall Football Meeting Tuesday 8/31/2021 at Brother Rice High School or via Zoom

This is NCAA Football’s Week 1

Meeting will be at Brother Rice and via Zoom beginning at 7pm. For those attending the meeting live starting this Tuesday August 31th parking will be in the north parking lot. Construction on that lot has been completed. Brother Rice High School (10001 S Pulaski). Please use the back entrance which is the door behind our meeting room next to the football field.

To comply with Cook County and the City of Chicago mask mandates, everyone is required to wear a mask when they enter the facility.

8/31/21 The Running Game Committee Lead: Greg Nelson

Assigner Discussion Dave Wetzel & John O’Neill

Quiz Tom Stapleton

Penalty Enforcement Ivan Palamore, Glenn Jackson,

Matt Banks, Steve Flanagan

1 – Offensive Linemen A55, A56, A57, A58, A59 are all in the FBZ and on the LOS at the time of the snap.
Running Back A11 is in the FBZ but not on the LOS
Tight End A81 is on the LOS but not in the FBZ
Defensive Linemen B70, B71, B72, B73 are all in the FBZ and on the LOS at the time of the snap
Linebacker B60 is in the FBZ but is 1 yd back from the LOS
Safety B12 is in the FBZ, he blitzes but does not reach the LOS until the time of the snap
Cornerback B19 is not on the LOS but is in the FBZ at the snap
What’s your Ruling…
Scenario A: A55 blocks B70 below the waist, immediately at the snap
Scenario B: B71 blocks A56 below the waist, immediately at the snap
Scenario C: A57 pulls and as lead blocker Blocks B72 below the waist after running 3 steps to his right, both players were in the FBZ and on the LOS at the snap, the action occurred in the FBZ and the ball was still in the zone.
Scenario D: A58 blocks Linebacker B60 below the waist, immediately at the snap
Scenario E: A11 blocks blitzing B12 below the waist in A’s backfield
Scenario F: A81 enters the FBZ after the snap and is blocked below the waist by B73
Scenario G Prior to snap B99 is on the LOS & has 1 foot in & 1 foot out of the FBZ can he be BBW
Scenario H: A55 blocks B19 in the back as his reaches the LOS
Scenario I: B70 is not attempting to get to the runner and blocks A55 in the back, both are on LOS
Scenario J: A56 blocks B60 in the back at the LOS

2 – Wideout A98 goes in motion parallel to the LOS toward the lineman. A1 tosses to the running back who is now running toward the incoming wideout. Outside linebacker B66 who was on the LOS at the snap turns to catch up to the runner. Just as B66 turns and after he takes a step he is faced by A98 who extends his arms to block B66 and makes forceful contact to the side of his shoulder and chest. A Coach yells…”that’s a crackback block…it’s illegal”….another coach chimes in “that’s a blindside block” ….throw the #*%!& flag.
Your ruling is…?

3 – Finish the definition…
A runner is a player who is in possession of a live ball or is__________________________________

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