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2021 COA Fall Football Meeting Schedule

2021 COA Fall Football Meeting Schedule

7:00 Brother Rice High School or via Zoom


8/3/21           General First Meeting           Committee Lead: Swider

                        Federation New Rules          Dave Wetzel


                        MFOA DIII Presentation       John O’Neill

                        NCAA New Rules                   John O’Neill

8/10/21        Topic TBD

                        Committee Lead and Presenter John O’Neill



8/17/21        Timing, OT, and Game Management   Committee Lead:  Wetzel


                        Federation                             Pete Blair/Drew Matzen


                        NCAA                                      Mike Cunningham/Mike Lennie


8/24/21        Penalty Enforcement                        Committee Lead:       Pickert


                        Federation                             Bob Sloan/Kevin Tucker


                        NCAA                                      Jeremy Reed/ Brett Anderson


                        High School Week 1 begins Friday 8/27/21


8/31/21        Running Game                       Committee Lead:       Nelson


                        Federation                             Ivan Palamore/Glenn Jackson


                        NCAA                                      Matt Banks/Steve Flanagan


                        College Week 1 begins Saturday 9/4/21


9/7/21           Federation Professionalism and Conflict & Resolution: Gary Grohovena


                        Kicking Game                        Committee Lead:   Gant   

                        Federation                              Patrick O’Malley/Mike Salvatori

                        NCAA                                      Ken Keil / Peter Saul



9/14/21        Passing Game                                    Committee Lead:       Winters

                        Federation                             Steve McLaughlin/Jim Fitzgerald

                        NCAA                                      Leanne Surmin/Sam Banks


9/21/21        Video Review                         Tom Stapleton/Jim Swider

                        (Kicking Game)


9/28/21        Video Review                         Mike Cunningham


10/5/21        Guest Speaker:                     Location: St. Laurence

                        Tony Michalek                     6:30

                        COA Annual Meeting           7:30   

                        (Pizza and Beverages Served)


10/12/21      Who Should Make the Call   Mike Cunningham/Tim Owens/

                        (Mechanics Discussion)        Jim Swider/Reggie Berry    


10/19/21      Video Review                         Sergio DeHoyos


                        High School Regular Season ends Saturday 10/23/21


10/27/21      COA Football Social                        Location: Brother Rice (Wednesday)


11/2/21        Video Review                         John O’Neill


11/9/20        Video Review                         Tom Stapleton


                        College Regular Season ends Saturday 11/13/21

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