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2022 COA Fall Football Meeting Schedule

Welcome to the 2022 COA Football Season

As we continue to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented to us with each new football season, the COA continues to evolve and improve the training experience of Football Officiating concentrating on rules knowledge, mechanics and philosophies. The 2022 COA Football Schedule, as developed by the Football Committee, will continue to follow this training model. In addition, the COA wants to stress the role all officials play in the continued growth of this advocation. Recruiting new members needs to be a top priority of all COA Members. Please invite new members to these sessions.

The Fall Football schedule will once again start the first Tuesday in August (August 2nd) and run for 14 consecutive weeks finishing on November 1st. Each Football Meeting will start at 7:00PM with the combined High School/NCAA meeting format similar to the format used in 2021. All meetings will occur at Brother Rice High School (10001 S Pulaski) except for the COA General Meeting on Oct 4. In addition to the live meeting at Brother Rice, the first 7 meetings will also have a Zoom Call-in option. Meetings starting Week 8 (Sept 20) and continuing through the end of season will only be in-person meetings. Also, a weekly Federation Quiz will be distributed during the season starting with Week 1. Please look for all COA Football Information on the newly designed website ( The 2022 COA Football Meetings will also qualify for IHSA Clinic Credit through attendance at 5 of the first 8 meetings. Attendance can be in-person or Zoom.

2022 COA Fall Football Meeting Schedule


8/2/22           General First Meeting                       Lead: Stapleton/Swider

  • Federation New Rules                      Dave Wetzel
  • COA Expectations as an Official       COA Football Committee
  • MFOA DIII Presentation                   Tom Stapleton
  • NCAA New Rules                               Tom Stapleton

Coach Viewpoint:                              Casey Quedenfeld (Brother Rice Head Coach)

MFOA Clinic (Zoom) & IAACO Clinic (Naperville North HS) – 8/6/2022

8/9/22           Effective Pregame and Game Management           Lead: Pickert

  • Federation:                                        Rob Pickert
  • NCAA:                                                 Mike Lennie

8/16/22        Penalty Enforcement & Timing Situations  Lead: Cunningham

  • Federation                             Kevin Tucker/Mike Jaslowski
  • NCAA                                      Mike Cunningham/Dave Clisham

8/23/22        Intentional Grounding Mechanics               Lead: Mancilla

  • Federation                             Jeremy Mancilla/Patrick Reilly
  • NCAA                                      Jeremy Reed/Jamar Simpson

            High School Week 1 begins Friday 8/27/21

8/30/22        Passing Game: DPI & DH                              Lead: Gant

  • Federation                             Ken Keil/Patrick O’Malley
  • NCAA                                      Kendall Gant/Anthony Walker       

            College Week 1 begins Saturday 9/4/21

9/6/22           Federation Professionalism and Conflict & Resolution (IHSA Clinic Requirement)   Gary Grohovena

Running Game: Forward Progress              Lead: Winters

  • Federation                             Peter Saul/Chad Rasmussen
  • NCAA                                      Matt Banks/Jim Kettleson

9/13/22        Kicking Game: Blocking & Coverage            Lead: DeHoyos

  • Federation                             Steve Honacki/Pete Blair
  • NCAA                                      Brian Peterson/Kevin Kronyak

9/20/22        Mechanics Panel (5 & 7 Man Situations)   Lead: Swider

  • Referee                                                         Marcel Kerr
  • Umpire                                                           Steve Flanagan
  • LOS                                                                 Matt Griebel
  • Deep Wings                                                   Reggie Berry                         

9/27/22        Video Review                                                 Greg Nelson

10/4/22        COA General Meeting                                   Guest Speaker: John O’Neill

10/11/22      Evaluation Process                                        Lead: Stapleton

  • What do Evaluators See? Wally Righton & Red Ryan (NCAA) Gary Grohevena & Dave Wetzel(Federation)

10/18/22      Video Review                                                 Tim Owens

            High School Regular Season ends Saturday 10/22/22

10/25/22      COA Football Social                                       Guest Speakers: TBA

11/1/22        2022 Football Season Summary                 Tom Stapleton

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Kendall Gant
Sergio DeHoyos
Mike Cunningham
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